Marine Propeller Designing, Modification and Repair Services

United Castings Foundry, Inc. is one of the reliable suppliers of Marine Propellers in the Philippines. Sharing our expertise in designing & modification of existing propellers that will match your engine and hull.

We offer not only solutions to your low performance propeller but excellence in resolving your problems both economically and efficiently.

Cultivated through many years of experience, we can assure the industry to offer our abilities in manufacturing quality products and services that will meet your needs and demands.


Why Choose Unicast


Do you prefer years of lasting productivity on your fishing/commercial boats or personal yacht?

If you have issues with maintaining fuel or engine troubles with the current setting you have on your vessel, wish to upgrade or downgrade your engine for higher hull speed or to economize fuel consumption respectively. 

We are willing to resolve your problem without asking you to buy new propeller however we always see to it that your old propeller will still be of service to you after our modification from diameter adjustment, re-pitching and expanding blade area with our skilled workers and expert designer.


Performance, that is what matters! The performance of your engine as you go about your daily routine. 

After you contact us for specifications or upgrade you want on your engine/propeller, we assure to apply great changes and power with our top quality propellers which are vibration-free, less fuel consumption and will make it perfectly match with your engine/hull.

Quality Support

Aside from the amazing finishing lustre of a product you will have purchased with us, we offer one year UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE against breakage. 

We have never had any complaints about the durability of our product but the warranty covers replacement of the item, totally free and brand new for one year since the date of purchase. 

Our clients nationwide can contact us at the number designated on our contact page or can email us for orders and queries.

United Castings Foundry Product Lines

  • Manganese Bronze Marine Propellers up to 7.0 feet (84 inches) diameter. Mass produced sizes are from 8.5 inches to 38 inches diameter .375 D.A.R., 3 blades, Left hand rotation)
  • Customized designs of Tiger Bronze Pump Assembly, Vertical or Horizontal (comprising its impeller, cover, packaging gland, volute/casting) in case to case basis only or to be done as per sample submitted.
  •  Tiger Bronze Bushing Gear/Sleeve Material
  • Manganese Bronze Gear/Worm Wheel Material
  • Tiger Bronze Oil Cooler Cover (6D14, 6BB1, 6BF1, DH100)
  • Aluminum Fan
  • All bronze replacement parts cast in accordance with client’s specification

Propeller Repair and Maintenance

  • We provide repairs using our skilled technology and equipment to bring your vessel up to its maximum operating condition.
  • Repairing damaged propellers, realignment, polishing and static balancing that could lead to vibration-free and energy savings.
  • Increasing or decreasing propeller RPM through repitching.
  • Build up missing blade edges and corroded thin blade surface using material same as base metal.
  • Expanding blade are for sufficient thrust.